flying on your motorcycle *watching all the ground beneath your drop
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Hey I'm telling you, my one and only, me.

you know, the world will become smaller if you become one of the best people in the world.

You will find lots of interesting people there, and all of them knowing about each other, or not. anyway it's goona be exciting when someone you already known is interesting interested in you some day.

People who have talents but also very smart and hardworking are shining all around the world. Thanks to Internet and social network people can meet each other and bump some many creative ideas or doing so many interetsing thing together.

So I just tell myself.

Just Keep going. Keep going. 

Don't lose yourself in this big, beautiful world, and Don't be afriad of it. The only thing you need to do is keep going and Never give up. 

See the good of yourself, Conquer the not so good (there is no bad, yes) part of yourself. try your best to work and live the life. 

You are becoming who you want to be, you will meet people who you intereted in and like, you can live the best life you can live.

go baby!